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Health Education

ICHS offers several multilingual resources to help community members and community partners in their efforts to promote healthy living.

ICHS partnered with Mapping Our Voices to create several digital stories on topics like preventive health check-ups, smoking cessation, exercise, and stress management. ICHS used the process of creating digital stories to engage community members in organizing for healthy changes in their communities. The videos are available on the Mapping Our Voices channel on vimeo at www.vimeo.com/channels/cppwmove.

Want to prepare a delicious Asian meal that is low fat, low salt or low sugar? The recipes are ideal for people with diabetes. The recipes include: Green mango salad (Cambodian), seaweed soup (Korean), lemon grass curry sauce (Cambodian), chicken adobo (Filipino), soybean stir fry with vegetables and ginger (Chinese), steamed fish (Filipino), steamed chicken with black mushrooms (Chinese) and papaya sherbert (Vietnamese). They can be found in English and the respective languages below.

Stopping smoking can improve a person’s health by reducing stroke and cancer risk, as well as heart disease. Learn more about the benefits of quitting smoking in these multilingual brochures:

Hepatitis B, which can harm the liver, affects about 350 million people in the world. If untreated, it can lead to liver failure and cancer. People from Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, the Pacific Islands, the Middle East, the Amazon Basin, the former Soviet Union and rural Alaska have a higher chance of being infected. Health experts encourage people to get tested to find out whether they have hepatitis B. There are locations to get tested in Seattle, as well as King, Pierce and Snohomish counties.

Learn more in these brochures produced by ICHS and the Hepatitis B Coalition of Washington as part of the Community Engagement Project:

“Hepatitis B: What You Need to Know” brochures:

“Living With Chronic Hepatitis B” brochures:

Help let others know about hepatitis B via PowerPoint presentations in traditional Chinesesimplified Chinese, English, Korean, Samoan, Tagalog and Vietnamese. Posters are available in Chinese, English, Korean and Vietnamese. The project also produced information for lawmakers.