Support Community Health Center Funding

DECEMBER 22, 2020 UPDATE: Congress PASSED new funding for community health centers. The House and Senate voted for a spending package that included annual agency funding, reauthorization and COVID-19 relief. Health centers will get:

  • $1.68 billion for FY 2021 in annual appropriations ($57 million more than last year)
  • $4 billion per year for FY 2021-2023 for the reauthorized Community Health Center Fund (level funding from last year)
  • Access to the $3 billion Provider Relief Fund to offset COVID-19 revenue losses

The omnibus spending package also provides funding for the National Health Services Corps and the Teaching Health Centers Program.


Community health centers receive funding in multiple ways — reimbursement for patient visits, for example, comes from Medicaid, Medicare and private health insurance. In addition to these revenue streams, community health centers receive significant funding from the federal government.

Federal grant funding provides support to health centers to serve under-insured and uninsured patients who may otherwise forego care.

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