Community Health Center Funding

Community health centers receive funding in multiple ways — reimbursement for patient visits, for example, comes from Medicaid, Medicare and private health insurance. In addition to these revenue streams, community health centers receive significant funding from the federal government.

Federal grant funding provides support to health centers to serve under-insured and uninsured patients who may otherwise forego care. However, this grant funding expired on September 30, 2019, and has not yet been fully renewed by Congress.

December 20 is critical

Congress just passed another short-term funding extension through December 20. This provides health centers with funding for the next month at last year’s levels, but does not provide a long-term, stable solution. Health centers like ICHS need that stability to best serve our patients and communities, and to plan for our future. It is critical that the federal government pass a full budget for Fiscal Year 2020 and that they support and enhance the Community Health Center Fund.

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