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ICHS Shoreline Clinic was featured on the Community Roadshow of NWCN on January 5th, 2017.


International Community Health Center’s Partnership with SonoSite

ICHS celebrates 2016 National Breastfeeding Week at the Donnie Chin Memorial Park in the International District neighborhood of Seattle.

Thank to our supporters for joining us at the 2016 Bloom Gala.
Together, you helped us raise $187,000 for uncompensated care at the ICHS medical and dental clinics.
The 2016 Bloom Gala also honored the late community activist Donnie Chin and Washington Dental Foundation for their service to the community.
Learn more at www.ichs.com/bloom.

Ping Wong has been an acupuncturist with International Community Health Services for over 20 years.
Learn about her story and her patients’ stories in this short film.
This video premiered at the 2016 ICHS Bloom Gala fundraiser on May 21, 2016.

Many thanks to our supporters who joined us at the Bloom Gala on May 8th to celebrate ICHS’s 42nd year of service.
For those of you who were not able to make it, you can now watch our video presentation from our event. Enjoy!

MyICHS Patient Portal is your online tool to help you take charge of your health care.
My ICHS Patient Portal will let you set appointments, request medical records, and communicate with your care team.

It’s never too late to lead a more active lifestyle. Let’s watch this inspiring story from Angela Wan.