Make an appointment for the COVID-19 vaccine

International Community Health Services (ICHS) is currently offering COVID-19 vaccination on a limited basis to health care providers in accordance with Phase 1a criteria by the State Department of Health.

By appointment only

  1. Click here to get prescreened. Health care workers interested in receiving the vaccine must first answer questions in a prescreening survey. This tool from the Department of Health identifies if you are eligible and assigns priority.
  2. Click here to make an appointment. If you are eligible, you will get a confirmation message to bring to your appointment.

When you arrive

  • Please bring your message from the Department of Health, either digitally or as a printout, that verifies your eligibility. It is required to receive the vaccine.
  • You will be given the vaccine and safety information.
  • We will observe you for 15 minutes.
  • You will schedule your second dose, for 28 days later at the same location.

Eventually, everyone can receive the vaccine

We are waiting for more information to let us know the timeline and availability of the COVID-19 vaccine for the general public. We know our initial allocation of doses will be far fewer than the total numbers of people deemed eligible by the Department of Health.

An organized and equitable distribution of a vaccine is the first step to getting the pandemic under control. ICHS is diligently working with public health and community partners to ensure as soon as more vaccine becomes available, we get as many doses as possible to as many people as possible; especially to our patients and community members facing the greatest barriers to health care. We can only slow the spread of the virus when all people – regardless of income, immigration or insurance status – are protected from catching it.

Eventually, everyone who wants a vaccine will have an opportunity to get one. Right now, it’s critical to continue with safety precautions. Wear a mask, limit travel and activities outside the home, and continue social distancing.

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