Only you can save our nation’s health centers

Federal funding for health centers is at risk and demands your immediate action. If Congress fails to act by Sept. 30, federal funding that supports our nation’s health centers, our local people and communities will end. International Community Health Services (ICHS) stands to lose $1.8 million in funding for the uninsured.

Last year, ICHS treated 28,660 patients. They were among the millions of Americans who depend on America’s health centers for vital primary care health services.

Send your members of Congress a message they can’t ignore. Demand action to “fix the health center funding cliff.” Collectively, we need to generate thousands of messages, calls and social media posts to push Congress to act.

  1. Email your members of Congress demanding immediate action
  2. Post on social media
  3. Call your members of Congress – use the toll free Advocacy Hotline 1-866-456-3949

Let’s keep our people, families and communities secure and healthy. Please act today.


What’s at stake? A video from ICHS’ Advanced Resident Nurse Practitioners advocates for those we serve here.