Community Kitchen: Good Health with Your Next Meal

Cooking and food play a central part in many families, and it is in our kitchens where we have a lot of choice into what goes into our bodies. Community Kitchens were born out of the idea that healthy meals can be delicious and ought to be shared among friends and family. Every month at the International District/Chinatown community center, our AmeriCorps team carefully selects one healthy recipe to teach us. Staying healthy starts with your next meal. Join us for our next community kitchen!

Join Us Every Fourth Thursday

Do you enjoy cooking with others and learning to make new recipes? Do you have a passion for experiencing culinary dishes from other cultures? If so, please consider joining us for our next community kitchen. On the fourth Thursday of each month, our Patient Navigators plan a delicious and healthy recipe to share with participants. These events offer seniors a chance to interact and share cooking techniques with each other. At community kitchen, we encourage participants to contribute to the preparation process and to eat together once our meal is finished. This event is free and open to the public, however, donations would be greatly appreciated. Stop by this month at the International District/Chinatown community center, and help us whip up a meal together!

Where: International District Community Center, 719 8th Ave. S. Seattle, WA 98104

Healthy Asian Recipes Cookbook

Want to prepare a delicious Asian meal that is low fat, low salt or low sugar? These recipes are ideal for people with diabetes. They include: Green mango salad (Cambodian), seaweed soup (Korean), lemon grass curry sauce (Cambodian), chicken adobo (Filipino), soybean stir fry with vegetables and ginger (Chinese), steamed fish (Filipino), steamed chicken with black mushrooms (Chinese) and papaya sherbert (Vietnamese). Please view cookbooks in your preferred language below:

Chinese Cookbook (中文)
Vietnamese Cookbook (Tiếng Việt)
Korean Cookbook (한국어)
Tagalog Cookbook
Khmer Cookbook (ខ្មែរ)



December 2015 – Dumpling Recipe
November 2015 – Healthier Sushi Rolls with Brown Rice & Quinoa
October 2015 – Spring Rolls Recipe (Bo Bia)