Couple looking forward to arrival of baby with help from ICHS

Jin Xin (right) with her husband, Gui Xunlong, prepare for the arrival of their baby by receiving prenatal care at ICHS

In a few months, Jin Xin, and her husband, Gui Xunlong, hope to welcome the birth of their baby.


In the meantime, Jin, 29, receives prenatal care from the medical staff at International Community Health Services (ICHS), to help make sure that both mother and baby are healthy.


“We like it here,” said Jin, who said a friend recommended ICHS because it has Chinese-speaking health care providers who will assist her with her health care needs.


“We’ve been happy with the service here,” she said.


“We can communicate in English, but it is better to speak to the doctors and nurses in Chinese, because then we fully understand what is being said,” said Gui, 30, who works as a software engineer at Amazon.


The couple said they would recommend ICHS to their friends and family, especially those who prefer to communicate with their health care provider in their own language.


“I think the biggest advantage for this clinic is the language,” Gui said.