Emily Jean Anderson: With ICHS, “It’s like I Hit the Lotto!”

Emily Jean Anderson and family receive Gates Foundation gifts
ICHS International District Health Service Manager Vickie Merced (middle) and International District Dental Support Supervisor Terri Tran (right) present gifts from employees of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to Emily Jean Anderson (left) and her children during the last holiday season.

As a single-parent, Emily Jean Anderson’s priority is the well-being of her four children. That’s why she sees the International Community Health Services as her partner in making sure that her children grow up healthy.

“The ICHS International District Clinic has been wonderful to me,” said Anderson, 47, of Puyallup. “I feel like I hit the lotto!”

Anderson has been going to ICHS for the last 14 years. Before that, she said, she went to Harborview Medical Center if she needed medical treatment, because she did not have insurance coverage.

One day, she saw a flier at the Seattle passport agency about ICHS, and today, she and her children — one girl and three boys — all receive medical and dental treatment at the ICHS International District Clinic.

“My children love it here, they feel very comfortable. I feel like they treat their patients with respect,” she said. “They make me feel like they were family.”

She said the medical professionals at ICHS diagnosed a potential health complication while she was pregnant with her youngest child, allowing her to receive needed medical attention prior to delivery.

Aside from medical and dental care, she has also received help from the ICHS Women, Infant and Children (WIC) Program, helping make sure that her children grow up healthy and eating nutritious food.

Anderson said she can be counted on to be a strong advocate for ICHS.

“I think it’s very important for ICHS to always be there, especially for people who come from difficult backgrounds and who may not get the medical attention they need,” she said.

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