Alexander Hodge

Alexander Hodge, ICHS Dentist. Bellevue,LOCATION:







Doctor of Dental Medicine (LECOM)

Why I Work at ICHS:

This was my first choice in residency! I believe strongly in the power our profession confers; I want to use it wisely and kindly. Habits are hard to establish late, so I want to start my career helping people who may lack the tools, financial or otherwise, to maintain a high standard of health. I am formerly (and forever) a teacher, and really enjoy the educational opportunities a dentist has with a patient. Working in someone else’s mouth is a chance to work in someone else’s life. We should remember what an honor and privilege it is to diagnose and treat patients in a short time frame. I work at ICHS to become an even more competent and confident provider.

Patient Care Philosophy:

Each person is an expert on something that I am not. I am probably an expert in an area they are not. It is a great thing to meet others and help each other out. People often come to the dentist feeling less than confident.  I strive to restore the confidence and personal dignity that I feel each person deserves.

Interesting Note About Myself:

I have lived all over, but call the Pacific Northwest home. It’s nice to be back!