Kathy Nguyen Yamamura

Kathy Nguyen Yamamura, ICHS Dentist. Seattle-International DistrictLocations:

International District


English, Vietnamese

Year Joined ICHS:


Dental Degree:

Doctor of Dental Surgery


University of Washington School of Dentistry

Why I work at ICHS:

ICHS is a place that is in the same neighborhood I grew up, a place my family visits and a place where my friends work. ICHS provides the comfortable and familiar environment for our patients as well as our staff members.

Interesting Note About Myself:

I love to read. I am constantly reading and learning about new dental techniques and technology. In my free time, I also will read anything, including classic literature, books on the New York Times Bestsellers List, communications, investing and fashion. Let me know what you are reading when you come in for your dental appointment.