Tiffany Ho


Seattle – International District


English, Mandarin




Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Why I Work at ICHS:

As an advocate for community health, I am excited to join an organization that dedicates its services to the local community.

Patient Care Philosophy:

To provide quality, holistic care to patients of all backgrounds, and to promote healthy mental and physical well-being.

Interesting Note About Myself:

I am open to trying new things – whether it’s activities, food, music, or anything adventurous! I enjoy baking more than eating my own creations, and love to hike, as well as climb.


Dear ICHS,
I am incredibly honored to be a part of this wonderful community. I still clearly recall the first time I toured the clinic on my interview day, and was fortunate enough to visit again the following day. Both times I walked through the corridors in awe at the comprehensive, and innovative, resources available to the community this clinic serves. This clinic aligns well with multiple personal interests I have including the integration of East-West medicine, behavioral health counseling, and most importantly, providing culturally sensitive multi-disciplinary care to patients of diverse backgrounds.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many of you during my short visit, but please forgive me if I don’t recall your name. The biggest impression I left with is you are all dedicated and passionate individuals, and your energy will help further my growth as a future physician as well as an individual!

ICHS Bio – Tiffany Ho
Tiffany’s experience at a mobile clinic in Los Angeles for the underserved community has been pivotal in her decision to pursue medicine. The clinic’s mission to deliver quality services to that addressed both the physical and mental health needs of the surrounding community set the foundation for how Tiffany envisioned healthcare can be. However, she quickly realized that comprehensive healthcare wasn’t accessible to all. In order to better understand barriers to accessing healthcare, Tiffany volunteered as a patient advocate in the Emergency Department to connect uninsured patients with community resources and taught health education classes for migrant workers. She also founded a multi-disciplinary program that partnered with the most high-risk and medically complex patients to understand the root causes that led patients to either over- or under-utilized the health care system. Throughout all these experiences, Tiffany consistently reached the same conclusion: Primary care is necessary but not sufficient to improve the health of communities, partnerships with local organizations and community advocates are also essential.

Outside of medicine, Tiffany spends her time cooking culinary cuisines from all cultures (currently focused on Southeast Asian) and enjoys baking for the sake of sharing with others. She is excited to explore the great outdoors of Seattle, especially rock climbing and hiking.