ICHS Shoreline Medical & Dental Clinic Officially Open

International Community Health Services (ICHS) officially opened its Shoreline Medical & Dental Clinic on Monday September 15, 2014, giving residents in the area another option for high quality and affordable health care.

The new clinic is located just north of 165th Street on Aurora Avenue North. It has 20 medical exam rooms and 10 dental chairs, with 80 parking spaces for patients. This is ICHS’s fourth full-service clinic and its seventh service site. It is projected to serve nearly 12,000 patients each year once it reaches full capacity. The clinic is the first-ever community health center in the City of Shoreline.  The expansion of ICHS, which will includes the opening of a smaller clinic in Bellevue early this year, reflects the emergence of ICHS as a regional health care provider, not simply a Seattle-based organization.

“The first day went really well and everything went as planned,” said Sherman Lohn, Director of Operations at ICHS, “The patients were really glad that we had opened a clinic in the area.”

If you are interested in the Shoreline Medical & Dental Clinic or have questions, please call 206.533.2600.

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