Kids’ health comes first at ICHS Holly Park Medical & Dental Clinic

Dr. Harvey Wu, dentist at ICHS Holly Park Medical & Dental Clinic talks to Yonathan Wendemu, 11, about keeping teeth clean and healthy.

Seifu Wendemu says International Community Health Services (ICHS) has been providing health care to his children for as long as he can remember, and does not see the situation changing anytime soon.

“They have been coming here since they were born,” said Wendemu, of Seattle, about his children, Yonathan and Hermela, who receive care at ICHS Holly Park Medical & Dental Clinic.

Be it immunizations, physical check-ups, or teeth cleaning, his family can rely on quality care from the clinic, Wendemu said. He said he learned about ICHS years ago from friends when he looked for health care providers who can give quality medical and dental care for his family.

Only five miles from their home, ICHS Holly Park Medical & Dental Clinic offers many conveniences, he said. “It’s close to our home and the kids are able to get seen after school,” he said.

“We like coming here because the people are very nice and  we feel secure that we are receiving good care,” he said.