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Your gift will make a difference by providing free or low-cost health services for ICHS patients:

$5,000 – Provides medical checkups for 25 uninsured patients

$2,500 – Provides a dental cleaning and checkup for 11 students on the Mobile Dental Clinic

$1,000 – Provides a behavioral health counseling session for 4 uninsured patients with mental illness

$500 – Provides 9 acupuncture treatments for patients with chronic pain

$250 – Provides one month of life-preserving medication for 2 low-income adults with hepatitis B

$100 – Provides confidential reproductive health lab testing for 1 patient

$50 – Provides an emergency dental evaluation for 1 uninsured patient

$25 – Provides one month of medication for 1 uninsured diabetic senior


If you would like to mail a check, please send it to: ICHS Foundation | PO Box 3007 | Seattle, WA 98114-3007. 

ICHS Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation registered with the Washington Secretary of State. Our tax ID # is 26-0493856.


Click here to learn more about ICHS Foundation and ways to give. For all other donation questions, please contact the ICHS Foundation at 206-788-3672 or