Minh Nguyen-Wichman

Community Advocate

Vietnamese, English

In-Person-Assistor, screenings for blood pressure, blood glucose, and cholesterol, Hep B, C, BCCHP, diabetes, smoking cessation information, and voter registration

Basically, I am their voice and I am there if they have any concerns or needs. I hope to help new immigrant families settle down by providing information and support.

Chinatown / International District, churches, temples, ACRS, ReWA, Tukkila Martyrs Catholic church, Co Lam temple, Duoc su temple, grocery stores, nail and hair salons

I like to work as a community advocate at ICHS because the things I do daily are close to my heart. I can help the community and new immigrant families with their first steps in a new place. I’ve been there and done that, and I know how difficult it can be as a new immigrant. I want to work with families to help them through the process of growing healthy and happy in their new country.