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Grigory Vodolazov

"It was so amazing to see that we have options"

IMG_0659 Grigory-Vodolazov

My anxiety is gone now because I know that my family will not go into large debt due to my health condition.

My name is Grigory Vodolazov, and I am a husband, a father and a hepatitis C carrier.

Due to political events in my native country we had to find a new place to call home. We left everything behind: a business, great jobs, friends and opportunities, but there was not much else we could have done. Our safety and the safety of my child was threatened.

My son is a special needs child so we were looking for a place that would provide him great social opportunities and education. Now, we live in Washington state and recently I’ve become a father for the second time. Both of my children are enrolled into WA Apple Health. It’s given us good peace of mind knowing we’ll be able to take good care of their health.

As for me and my wife, we just bought a health care plan with tax credit. It was so amazing to see that we have options and to receive assistance in our native language from the community health worker. For the first time since I immigrated, I have health insurance, and with my health condition it is essential to me to know that I have the ability to be seen and screened by a doctor. My anxiety is gone now because I know that my family will not go into large debt due to my health condition.

Now, when my family is facing many difficulties, this assistance is vital while we build a new life and move forward.

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