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Wu Ying Chou

"The health care system here is very different."

Wu Ying Chou-at left

My name is Wu Ying Chou (pictured at left) and I am 80 years old. I immigrated to United States in 2006 from China. By the time I came here, I was already retired so I did not get a job. I’m glad my daughter was already here because she helped me to get Basic Health before I got Medicare.

The health care system here is very different. Back in China, I used herbal medicine to treat common colds and for minor treatments, which is cheaper and more effective. I also could see the doctor easily and health care was very accessible. Here in the United States, if I have a mild cold, it’s so expensive to see a doctor and get simple medicine!

I have been coming to see my doctor at International Community Health Services (ICHS) for the last eight years. He speaks Chinese, so I am able to communicate with him. Even though I have to work out the schedule, I still like to see and would like to continue to see him at ICHS. It helps because doctors in the United States aren’t always culturally understanding when it comes to health care.

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