ICHS Encourages Everyone to Vote

Your vote is your voice, so make sure you and your friends fill out and return ballots by Tuesday, Nov. 4.

“Voting is our way of telling elected officials what’s important to us,” said  Michael McKee, ICHS Director of Health Services and Community Partnerships. “We all need to make sure our voices are heard.”

Ballots were mailed out in King County Oct. 15. Ballots must be postmarked no later than Nov. 4. A first class stamp is required for mailed ballots. You can also put your ballots in a King County Drop Box by Nov. 4.

Asian American Pacific Islanders make up 11 percent of the voting age population in King County, which is equal to 147,970 people. That statistic comes from the organization Asian & Pacific Islander Votes.

If your ballot doesn’t arrive by October 27th, contact your county’s election office for a replacement. If you’re not sure which way to vote, check out the online voter’s guide to get more information.