Street in front of International District Clinic changed to one-way southbound

The City of Seattle changed 8th Avenue South between Lane and Dearborn to one way southbound  in early November. This is the street directly in front of ICHS’ International District Medical and Dental Clinic.

With the change, passengers will get out of vehicles on the traffic side of the vehicle. This area is marked with a white stripe for safety.

Additional parking in front of ICHS has been added for loading and unloading patients. Patients in wheel chairs can be moved to and from the sidewalk from the curb ramp at the corner or at the driveway to the building parking lot. Please do not use the driveway for loading and unloading.

Loading and unloading will probably take a little longer, but ICHS wants to make sure you will be safe. With the change, you can no longer access 8th Avenue from South Dearborn Street.

The City of Seattle made the change to a one-way street because of the new First Hill Streetcar that will operate on 8th Avenue.