ICHS announces 2013 Bamboo Award winners

ICHS is pleased to announce the recipients of this year’s Bamboo Awards for Health: Dr. Joseph Saitta and Asian Counseling and Referral Services (ACRS).

Dr. Saitta has served as a volunteer physician at ICHS since 1993. Once a month, he conducts endocrinology consultations at ICHS, providing essential specialty care to patients. In addition, Dr. Saitta generously shares his expertise with the medical providers at ICHS, offering practical and timely advice on how to manage patients’ endocrine issues.

Over the past several decades, ACRS and ICHS have enjoyed a long history of collaborative partnerships. Both agencies were founded by community activists in the 1970s and both continue to serve the needs of the community today. Most recently, ICHS partnered with ACRS to provide on-site primary medical care to ACRS clients who are elderly or dealing with serious mental illness.

Dr. Saitta and ACRS will be honored on May 18th at Bloom 2013, ICHS’s annual fundraising gala.

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