Get Your Annual Flu Shot at ICHS

Ebola may be dominating the news, but there is a bigger threat everywhere: Influenza, better known as the flu. Good thing you can get a flu shot to help prevent influenza.

Call ICHS today at (206) 788-3700 to schedule an appointment for a flew shot at the Bellevue, Holly Park, International District, or Shoreline clinics.

Nobody wants to get the flu. It’s a contagious respiratory disease that can lead to serious complications, hospitalization, and even death. The United States Centers for Disease Control recommends nearly everyone more than 6 months old get a flu shot every year. The main reasons are:

  1. Flu viruses are constantly changing. Flu vaccines maybe updated every year to protect against the most recent and most commonly circulating viruses
  2. A person’s immune protection from vaccination declines over time, so annual vaccination is needed for optimal protection.

People most at risk of developing flu-related complications include:

  • pregnant women,
  • children younger than 5 (especially children under 2),
  • people 50 and older,
  • people with certain chronic medical conditions,
  • people living in long-term care facilities, and
  • people who live with or care for those at high risk for complications from the flu.