Acupuncture treatments at ICHS allow Mercer Island resident to manage pain

ICHS acupuncturist Ping Wong (left) works with Amelita Cruz to help with pain management.

Amelita Cruz recently came to ICHS for her appointment with licensed acupuncturist Ping Wong feeling worn out.

After her treatment, she felt refreshed and ready to jump back into her busy life.

“If you saw me when I first came in, I looked tired,” the 63-year-old Mercer Island resident said. “Now, I am glowing.”

For a number of years now, Cruz said her regular acupuncture treatments at ICHS has allowed her to manage chronic pains that have plagued her.

“At one point, I could barely walk and I felt tingling all over my body,” said Cruz, who also teaches cosmetology and barbering. “The acupuncture treatment releases the pain and tingling.”

Cruz said she found out about ICHS more than a decade ago, after being referred by ICHS community advocate Sefie Cabiao when they met at the Filipino Community Center in Seattle.

“She told me to come because there are many services and programs, including those for women,” she said. She said she has since referred a number of friends and family members.

“I feel at home here,” she said. “I feel like they really listen to you. They find a way to help you and they are always willing to help you feel better.”