Aliya S. Haq


International District, Shoreline


English, Urdu, Hindi


Master’s in Nutritional Sciences, Master’s in Foods and Community Nutrition, Post Graduate Diploma in Preschool Nutrition and Education


Master’s in Nutritional Science and Dietetic Internship at University of Washington. Master’s in Foods and Nutrition and Post Graduate Diploma in Preschool Nutrition and Education at AP Agricultural University, India


Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), Certified Dietitian (CD)

Why I Work at ICHS:

ICHS is the ideal place for culturally competent patient care and this is something I have always strived to achieve in my method of patient care and education. This is the place that allows me to connect with the medical team and all other providers who think on the same lines. It gives me immense satisfaction to see patient information actually reaching the patient.

Patient Care Philosophy:

Cultural competency in patient care and education is the key to effective patient care and treatment. Every patient deserves the right to understand his/ her treatment hence it is of utmost importance to reach the patient where he/ she is. Compliance follows automatically.

Interesting Note about myself:

I am an artist and I try to bring my art in my patient education and have found it very effective and rewarding. I love to travel and have had the opportunity to travel in the deepest jungles of India and offered nutrition education to those who suffered from many nutrient deficiencies. I love reading and especially enjoyed reading the series “Lands and People”. I like to have fun and believe we should be thankful and smiling for the many things we enjoy in life.