Health Education & Advocacy

Outside of our medical and dental clinics, ICHS offers several multilingual resources to support out communities and community partners in their efforts to promote healthy living. Our Health Education and Health Advocacy teams are well-known and trusted within their respective communities and are always ready to assist.

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Health Advocacy & Education Teams

ICHS is committed to promoting healthy living and helping our communities live healthier lives. Our Health Advocacy program is designed to complement ICHS’ clinical services. The program focuses on health promotion, chronic disease prevention and management, family planning, and preventive health services.


Community Advocates

Community Advocates are community health workers who provide multi-lingual and multi-cultural services to traditionally underserved communities.  They conduct health education classes, provide patient navigation, and advocate on behalf of the communities they serve. Their services range from diabetes education classes to advocating for greater access to green space and promoting cancer prevention screening. Meet our advocates.

Health Educators


Health Educators work with ICHS patients to set self-management goals and improve overall lifestyle and health. They provide education on chronic disease prevention and management, tobacco cessation, and family planning, either one-on-one or in group settings. Health educators also provide education services at our school based health center, the Seattle World School.

In-Person Assistors (IPAs) and Navigators

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Women’s Preventive Health Services


Women’s Preventive Health Services (WPHS) coordinates the Washington State Breast, Cervical, and Colon Health Program (BCCHP) at ICHS. The program provides no-cost cancer screening and treatment to qualifying patients. ICHS provides annual women’s GYN screening services and also provides colon health screenings for men & women over the age of 50. WPHS  works with Swedish hospital to bring their mobile mammogram coach to each ICHS clinic nine times per month and coordinates mammogram services for all ICHS patients. WPHS strives to ensure that each patient knows that early detection is the best protection.

For more information on the programs provided by our Women’s Preventive Health Services, see below:
Breast, Cervical, and Colon Health Program (BCCHP)
Swedish Mobile Mammography Program

Community Resources

Stories From Our Community

Through the power of film and storytelling, ICHS has gathers and creates digital stories on topics such as preventive health check-ups, smoking cessation, exercise, and stress management within our communities. ICHS uses the process of creating digital stories to engage community members in organizing for healthy changes in their communities. The videos are available on the ICHS Vimeo channel at

Healthy Asian Recipes Cookbook

Want to prepare a delicious Asian meal that is low fat, low salt or low sugar? The recipes are ideal for people with diabetes. The recipes include: Green mango salad (Cambodian), seaweed soup (Korean), lemon grass curry sauce (Cambodian), chicken adobo (Filipino), soybean stir fry with vegetables and ginger (Chinese), steamed fish (Filipino), steamed chicken with black mushrooms (Chinese) and papaya sherbert (Vietnamese). Please view cookbooks in your preferred language below:

Chinese Cookbook (中文)
Vietnamese Cookbook (Tiếng Việt)
Korean Cookbook (한국어)
Tagalog Cookbook
Khmer Cookbook (ខ្មែរ)

Smoking Cessation

Stopping smoking can improve a person’s health by reducing stroke and cancer risk, as well as heart disease. Learn more about the benefits of quitting smoking with the materials below. Send us an email at and we will email you “how to stop smoking” brochures in English and other available languages.

English: The Benefits of Quitting | Smoking Cessation Factsheet
Chinese  (中文): 戒煙的益處
Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt): Lợi ích của việc bỏ thuốc lá
Korean (한국어): 금연의 장점
Russian (Русский): Польза отказа от курения
Somali: joojin macluumaad sigaarka
Tagalog: Benepisyo ng Paghihinto sa Paninigarilyo

Know Your Human and Civil Rights

Here are some helpful tips and resource from Asian Americans Advancing Justice regarding your human and civil rights.

Know Your Rights Cards