Suboxone Treatment

At ICHS we believe that addiction to prescription pain medication and heroin can be treated successfully. We treat drug addiction the same as any other disease – with compassion, individualized plans and evidence-based treatment.

Less Pain Allows Healing

ICHS’s therapy of choice is medication assisted treatment, or the use of medication to reduce the effects of withdrawal from prescription pain medication and heroin. ICHS offers a pharmacy prescription of Suboxone, an FDA-approved combination drug of buprenorphine and naloxone, to keep the body free of pain. Suboxone can offer a safer alternative to methadone or chronic pain medicine. Patients are encouraged to participate in therapy to give treatment the best chance of success.

Schedule an Assessment at One of Our Neighborhood Clinic Locations

To learn more about ICHS’s Suboxone treatment, please schedule a 30-minute assessment at one of the following ICHS clinics:

Holly Park Medical and Dental Clinic
International District-Chinatown Medical and Dental Clinic
Shoreline Medical and Dental Clinic
Bellevue Medical and Dental Clinic

Still have questions? See our suboxone treatment FAQs.