Hidden Barriers video series spotlights health inequalities

KCTS 9’s Hidden Barriers is a video series that explores the issues around bias, prejudice, and discrimination in our health care systems and the stakeholders attempting to change that.

In the latest episode “Medicine’s Poor Reflection,” ICHS’s Dr. Jessica Guh talks about why diversity is so important among WA doctors and health care providers.

The episode “Health Care’s invisible minority” explores how the model minority myth impacts API health and perpetuates health inequalities. ICHS’ Dr. Jessica Guh describes the disaggregation of data on Asian Americans as one of the most important issues for API health in the U.S.

The episode “Lost in Translation” featured ICHS interpreter Yvone Ung. She shared how her past struggles in navigating health care in the U.S. as a refugee from Cambodia inspires her work with the community at ICHS today.