Yuezhen (Jean) Song

Yuezhen (Jean) Song, ARNP, Nurse Practitioner, International District ClinicLocation:

International District


English, Mandarin

Year Joined ICHS:


Medical Degree:

Master’s Degree


Seattle University School of Nursing


American Academy of Nurse Practitioners

Why I Work at ICHS:

I was educated in the United States and China. Being an immigrant myself, I believe my working at ICHS can directly bring knowledge of Western medicine to the Asian immigrant community. I also can connect easily with other ethnic groups because of my first-hand experience as a struggling immigrant.

Patient Care Philosophy:

I believe all people in the United States, regardless of color, ethnicity, country of origin, and socioeconomic status, deserve affordable and quality health care.

Interesting Note About Myself:

More than 10 years ago, I was found to have a potentially serious health condition. Later, it turned out to be benign. While going through extensive tests and facing potentially serious complications, I came to realize how fragile human life is. I also learned that we all only have one life to live and we all should live well and fully every day.


An Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner has additional training, education and clinic experience, typically in a specialized area, and who can deliver primary care.