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Masks are required at all ICHS clinics and sites. ICHS is a health care facility. Please keep yourself and others safe.

ICHS Board of Directors

ICHS Board of Directors

ICHS Vision Clinic Opening Celebration

Serve on the ICHS board of directors

ICHS is led by dedicated community members who serve on its board of directors. The board oversees ICHS’ strategic goals and guides the organization through key policy and strategic decisions. A unique attribute of the ICHS board is that over half of the members are “consumers.” A consumer is anyone who is:

  • A patient who is currently using or has used ICHS as his or her primary source of health care services within the last two years; or
  • A legal guardian or immigration sponsor of a patient who uses ICHS as his or her primary source of health care services.

For more information on joining the ICHS board, please email us.


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