ICHS Telehealth visits

Telehealth appointments offer live video with a provider so you can continue to receive primary care while limiting your in-clinic visits and helping reduce person-to-person transmission of Covid-19. You will need internet access and a tablet, smart phone or computer that comes equipped with a camera, microphone and speaker. Telehealth appointments ensure timely care when you have a specific health concern, or you need a screening or wellness exam. If you need language assistance, please let us know when you schedule your appointment.

Make a telehealth appointment

For more information or to make a Telehealth appointment, please call: 206.788.3700

Call 911 for medical emergencies
Telehealth is not for emergencies or potentially life-threatening medical conditions such as chest pain, severe shortness of breath, severe abdominal pain or headache. If you experience these symptoms call 911.