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Monkeypox vaccine available for eligible ICHS patients at high risk. Please call an ICHS clinic to determine eligibility and make an appointment.


Pfizer COVID-19 bivalent (Omicron) boosters are now available for everyone ages 5+! ICHS patients call (206) 788-3700 for appointments. Non-ICHS patients walk-in to our pharmacies Monday-Friday from 9am-4pm (supplies limited) at our International District, Holly Park, and Shoreline clinics. More info on our COVID-19 vaccine page.


Masks are mandatory at all ICHS clinics and sites. ICHS is a health care facility. Please keep yourself and others safe.

ICHS’ new phone system will help you make appointments faster

ICHS’ new phone system will help you make appointments faster

April 22, 2021

As part of ICHS' ongoing efforts to provide our patients a better care experience, we are upgrading our phone system to make it faster for you to reach your care team. 

Effective immediately, the new phone system allows for you to call the clinic department and services you want to reach with a few pushes of a button. When you call your ICHS clinic, you can now choose the medical, dental, pharmacy or billing departments and direct your calls to make an appointment, ask about eligibility, find medical records, and request a referral. 

The upgraded phone system replaces the current phone system so there are no changes to ICHS phone numbers.

When you call

Medical: Press 1, and then:

  • To make an appointment, press 1
  • To ask about eligibility, press 2
  • To find medical records, press 3
  • To request a referral, press 4

Dental: Press 2, and then:

  • To make an appointment, press 1
  • To find medical records, press 2

Pharmacy: Press 3

Billing: Press 4

Have other questions? Please stay on the line and your call will be answered. Thank you for allowing ICHS to partner with you for your good health. We look forward to connecting with you soon.


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