Healthier People. Thriving Families. Empowered Communities. A Just Society.


Deeply rooted in the Asian Pacific Islander community, ICHS provides culturally and linguistically appropriate health and wellness services and promotes health equity for all.


  • Patient and community centered
  • Excellence
  • Diversity and cultural sensitivity

When our founders first opened a small volunteer-run clinic in North Beacon Hill in 1973, they were determined to make certain that no one faced barriers, financial or otherwise, to high quality health care.

Today, ICHS’s doors remain open to all people. We offer a complete health care home with primary medical, dental, vision and behavioral health services. We provide care that is as individual as you are, from a dedicated health care team that works as a partner to keep you as healthy as possible through all stages of life.

When you come to ICHS you will be treated with respect and guaranteed affordable health care in a language you can understand. We provide interpretation services in more than 50 languages, as well as free help with insurance and a sliding scale discount.

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