Get Involved

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ICHS welcomes volunteers of all backgrounds. Underage volunteers with a signed parent consent are limited to certain types of volunteer positions. Whether you are available a few hours a week or a few hours a month, we can use your help with administrative duties, including data management, outreach, event planning and other projects.

Capacity for MD volunteers is determined on an as-needed basis for all ICHS clinics. Please email us for more information.

To learn more about our opportunities please email us at

Join the Patient Advisory Council

ICHS’s Patient Advisory Council (PAC) is a diverse group of patients who meet regularly to advise ICHS on how it can provide better patient-centered care. To learn more about joining the Patient Advisory Council, please email us at

Serve on the Board of Directors

ICHS and the ICHS Foundation are led by dedicated community members who  serve on its Board of Directors.

The ICHS Foundation Board of Directors  guides the Foundation’s efforts to generate financial resources for uncompensated patient care, health education services, and capital improvements and expansion efforts.

The ICHS Board of Directors oversees ICHS’ performance as a health care provider, establishes strategic goals, and guides the organization through key policy and strategic decisions. A unique attribute of the ICHS board is that over half of the members are “consumers.” A “consumer” is anyone who is:

  • A patient who is currently using or has used ICHS as his or her primary source of health care services within the last two years; or
  • A legal guardian or immigration sponsor of a patient who uses ICHS as his or her primary source of health care services.

For more information on joining the ICHS board, please contact For information about the ICHS Foundation board, please contact