Healthy Aging and Wellness Program (HAWP)

ICHS HAWP meets the unique needs of adults age 60 and older. Our full range of senior health and wellness programs will keep you or your loved one active and engaged in the community.

Assisted Living

Senior-friendly living space and services

Legacy House

Assisted Living at ICHS Legacy House allows your loved one to live safely in culturally-familiar surroundings.

Adult Day Services

Daily enrichment, activities, meals and supervised care

ICHS Adult Meal Program, Bush Asia Center

Adult Day Services at ICHS Legacy House helps seniors with changing physical or cognitive abilities thrive and provides caregivers with respite.

ICHS Meal Program

Daily nutritious, Asian-style lunches and activities

ICHS Adult Meal Program, Bush Asia Center

The ICHS Meal Program at Bush Asia Center helps keep adults 60 years and older, and adults with special needs, healthy, independent and thriving.

Last updated: May 31, 2019; 10:24 am