ICHS Co-presented the Film Painted Nails

Left to right: Mickey Kander, Uyenvy Pham, Michael McKee, Minh Nguyen Wichman, Mariko Toyoji and Gildas Cheung.

On February 25th, ICHS staff and board members had a great time co-presenting the film Painted Nails at the Seattle Asian American Film Festival.

Minh Nguyen Wichman speaking with Painted Nails director Dianne Griffin.

At the festival, ICHS Community Advocate Minh Nguyen Wichman took the opportunity to talk to the director about her powerful film.

Summary of the film Painted Nails
Painted Nails is a documentary following Van, a Vietnamese nail salon worker who discovers her health problems, are the result of chemicals in the products used in her salon and courageously becomes involved in the fight for safe cosmetics. The film follows her transformation from a self-described shy woman to a forthright advocate who testifies before Congress to protect the health of her family and community.

The documentary is an important portrayal of the intersection of public health, worker safety, women’s health and political advocacy.

To learn more about the film Painted Nails, visit:  http://www.paintednailsmovie.com/