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Effective May 1, 2024, masks are recommended at all ICHS clinics and sites. ICHS is a health care facility. Please keep yourself and others safe.

ICHS and ICHS Foundation Welcome our New Board Members

ICHS and ICHS Foundation Welcome our New Board Members

April 18, 2024

International Community Health Services (ICHS) and ICHS Foundation are pleased to announce the addition of five new volunteer board members.

Raj Sidhu, founder and President of inTech Consulting, Betty Wong, former Strategy and Business Development Manager at Delfi Diagnostics, and Hannah Wong, administrative program manager and interim operations manager at Mary Bridge Children's, have joined the ICHS Foundation board. As a separate non-profit, ICHS Foundation generates financial resources for charity care, builds donor relationships, and runs ICHS capital improvements and expansion efforts.

Fatima Noble, Human Resources Manager at Concessions International in SeaTac Airport, has joined the ICHS board of directors and Tessa Chu, Business Strategy Director for Kaiser Permanente Washington, has rejoined the ICHS board of directors.

“We are so happy to have these new, young members join the boards,” said Alice Braverman, ICHS Foundation Executive Director. “They bring their unique talents and perspectives with them. I am looking forward to working with them to expand our community partnerships and ensure all of our patients get accessible, affordable care.”

Since its founding in 1973, ICHS has grown from a single storefront clinic in Seattle’s Chinatown-International District with deep roots in the Asian Pacific Islander community, to a regional health care provider employing over 600 people and serving over 30,000 patients at 10 clinic locations.

The new members bring their skills and talents to advance ICHS’ mission of delivering high-quality health services to all in need of care regardless of health, immigration status, or ability to pay.

New ICHS Foundation Board Members

Raj Sidhu | ICHS Foundation Board Director

Raj Sidhu, a dynamic entrepreneur and tech enthusiast, is the founder and President of inTech Consulting, LLC. Leading this Managed I.T. Services company, Raj specializes in providing comprehensive technological support to businesses, adeptly addressing their diverse challenges in the digital landscape. Having embarked on his academic journey at Eastern Washington University, Raj earned his bachelor’s degree, laying the foundation for his illustrious career. Eager to expand his expertise, he pursued various certificates at the esteemed University of Washington, focusing on cutting-edge subjects like Cybersecurity and Risk Management.

With over a decade of experience in the field, Raj's professional journey commenced long before the inception of inTech Consulting. Over the course of 13 years, he honed his skills in I.T., navigating through diverse technical and management roles, which equipped him with invaluable insights and expertise. Beyond his professional endeavors, Raj is deeply committed to serving his community. Actively engaged in various boards, he channels his passion for philanthropy by volunteering alongside his family for local causes. Their efforts, including supporting food banks in distributing essentials to the needy, reflect Raj's dedication to making a tangible impact where it matters most.

Outside the realm of technology and community service, Raj finds solace and joy in the great outdoors. Whether scaling the majestic peaks of the mountains or gliding down snow-covered slopes, he cherishes moments spent with his loved ones amidst nature's grandeur. An avid sports enthusiast, Raj imparts his love for adventure and athleticism to his children, teaching them the art of snowboarding and bonding over weekly soccer matches in a cherished father-daughter/son league.

Driven by an unwavering passion for life, Raj embodies a commitment to excellence and a fervent desire to effect positive change in his local community and beyond.

Betty Wong | ICHS Foundation Board Director

Betty Wong, a second-generation Chinese American, was born and raised in the SF Bay Area, California. She earned a BS in Chemical Biology from UC Berkeley and concurrently pursued a minor in Global Poverty. As part of her minor, she completed a public health-focused capstone project centered on understanding the impact of behaviors on the spread of infectious diseases in rural villages in Sichuan, China. The aim was to integrate these findings into programs designed to mitigate disease prevalence. Subsequently, she pursued a PhD at Caltech, focusing on Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics. During her graduate studies, she developed a STEM project-based learning tool tailored for K-12 students, which gained adoption in multiple schools, with the first adoption occurring in underserved populations.

In 2019, Betty moved to Seattle to be closer to her sister. Initially, she worked as a patent strategist and practitioner at Perkins Coie, and then most recently worked at Delfi Diagnostics as their Strategy and Business Development Manager. In this capacity, she contributed to the development and commercialization of affordable cancer screening tests, aimed at promoting health equity. In her leisure time, Betty enjoys playing tennis and traveling.

“Joining the ICHS board represents more than just a commitment to an organization; it embodies a deeply personal connection to the community and a dedication to the principles of accessible healthcare. Growing up, I witnessed firsthand how language barriers could hinder access to essential services, contrasting starkly with the accessibility enabled by the absence of such barriers. My frequent visits to my grandparents and grand-aunt who lived in Chinatown, San Francisco illuminated the profound impact organizations like ICHS can have on the lives of individuals and families.

“At its core, ICHS symbolizes more than a healthcare provider; it serves as a beacon of hope and inclusivity for residents of the International District and the greater Seattle areas. Its enduring commitment to affordable healthcare surpasses mere medical assistance; it nurtures a sense of belonging and security in a community often marginalized by systemic inequities.

“Joining the Foundation board offers an opportunity to pay homage to my upbringing and give back to a community that has profoundly influenced my identity. By drawing on my experiences and insights, I aim to contribute meaningfully to ICHS's mission of ensuring that every family it serves, across all generations, receives the care and support they deserve.”

Hannah Wong | ICHS Foundation Board Director

Hannah Wong joined the ICHS Foundation Board in November 2023. She is grateful to her parents, who raised her in a multicultural household, which has helped her see the world through a wide lens. Being part Japanese and Singaporean, she was always immersed in a variety of food, culture, languages, and traditions. This gave her a great appreciation of being part of a community early on.

Hannah graduated with a master's in health administration at the University of Washington in 2022 and completed an Administrative Fellowship at MultiCare Health System in Tacoma. Post-fellowship, she has been in a dual role, serving as administrative program manager and interim operations manager at Mary Bridge Children's (pediatric hospital and network within MultiCare). In her free time, she loves to go try out new restaurants with my family and friends and play with her dog, Charlie.

“In the summer of 2023, I was given the opportunity to tour a few ICHS facilities in the International District with my other Asian Healthcare Leaders Community members as part of WA ACHE. I was inspired by the work ICHS is doing to advocate for health as a basic human right and the compassionate providers and administrators leading this organization. Growing up in a multicultural household and being an immigrant, I have watched friends and family navigate through the complex education and healthcare systems in this country.

“Part of what I feel is my purpose being in healthcare is to promote culturally and linguistically appropriate care so that our community can have better lived experiences. I wish I had known about ICHS sooner, but since I can’t go back in time, I was very excited about the opportunity to get more involved and be even more connected to my community in this way. Having had the opportunity to work and volunteer at several organizations with various cultures, I have learned that in any organization, the core of the work is relationship-building, and everyone I've met at ICHS has exemplified that value as well. I am so excited for the work I get to be a part of to be better stewards of our community.”

New ICHS Board Members

Fatima Noble | Clinic Board Director

Fatima Noble works as the Human Resources Manager at Concessions International in SeaTac Airport. She joined the board in 2023 and currently serves on the Human Resources Committee.

Ms. Fatima holds a bachelor's degree in Strategic Human Resources Management from Wilmington College, and a double major in Business and Marketing Management from Cincinnati State College. Ms. Fatima has a deep commitment to promoting a supportive workplace culture and community involvement.

Tessa Chu | Clinic Board Director

Ms. Chu rejoined the ICHS Board of Directors in 2023 and sits on the Board Development Committee. As a speaker and moderator for the American College of Healthcare Executives, Tessa has actively led discussions on equity in healthcare and has been a vocal advocate for meaningful change.

She currently serves as the Director of Business Strategy for the Washington Permanente Medical Group (WPMG) and is responsible for spearheading multiple efforts to drive Kaiser Permanente Washington's strategic direction. She co-produces a health equity focused podcast, Healthcare for Humans.

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