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ICHS featured in new docuseries 'Invisible Shield' on PBS

ICHS featured in new docuseries 'Invisible Shield' on PBS

April 1, 2024

Dr. Anthony Chen embraces Donna Mok, Medical Records Specialist at ICHS Holly Park Medical & Dental Clinic. Dr. Chen and Donna worked together when Dr. Chen was the Medical Director of ICHS. Courtesy Invisible Shield

ICHS' Holly Park clinic was featured in an episode of new docuseries The Invisible Shield, which premiered March 26 on PBS.

The show zeros in on the Puget Sound region. Dr. Anthony Chen, former International Community Health Services (ICHS) medical director and former director of health for the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department, was interviewed.

Screencapture of Anthony Chen speaking in Invisible Shield
Courtesy The Invisible Shield

The producers and Dr. Chen visited ICHS Holly Park clinic back in 2021.

The four episodes examine how public health "makes modern life possible, but it is underfunded, undervalued, and misunderstood putting our health at risk."

The show highlights "the thousands of unsung heroes — physicians, nurses, scientists, activists, reformers, engineers, and government officials — who work together to improve health outcomes, from the days of cholera and smallpox through the most recent battle with COVID-19."

Graphic of The Invisible Shield

How to watch:

The show is FREE to watch on your local PBS station or online.


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