ICHS helps octogenarian get healthy with advice on nutritious eating

Seattle resident Song Rong Yang (left) receives advise from ICHS nutritionist Aliya Haq on healthy foods.

At 80, Song Rong Yang’s goal is to stay healthy and gain more weight.

Not too long ago, she was experiencing stomach problems and had a hard time tolerating food. After seeking help from the medical and nutrition specialists at International Community Health Services (ICHS), she has since gained at least four pounds and is eating better.

“I come here because I want to be healthy. I was having stomach problems and could barely eat,” said Mrs. Yang, a retired teacher who hails from the Chinese province of Hunan.

“The people here at ICHS explained to me that there is an important relationship between our health and what we eat. Now, I have better appetite and have even gained weight,” she said.

Per advice of ICHS nutritionist Aliya Haq, she eats smaller portions and more meals per day. She also drinks less soy milk, and added more yogurt, fish, fruits, and vegetables to her diet, as well as doing more exercises.

A resident of nearby Legacy House, Mrs. Yang said she enjoys receiving health services from ICHS International District Medical and Dental Clinic because of its convenient location and of heartfelt care she receives from staff. In fact, the Legacy House kitchen manager is working with ICHS to follow Mrs. Yang’s diet plan.

One thought on “ICHS helps octogenarian get healthy with advice on nutritious eating

  1. HI Herbert Atienza,

    Thank you for sharing this inspiring article. It’s nice knowing that an 80 year old grand mother remains healthy despite of her age. And I agree that eating a smaller portion but more meals a day is good than 3 big meals a day for it digests food properly. Health is wealth, so no matter how young or old we are, we must always keep healthy.

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