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In Memory of Dr. Jane Baird

In Memory of Dr. Jane Baird

August 10, 2022
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We are saddened to learn that Dr. Jane Baird, International Community Health Services (ICHS) physician passed away on July 31, 2022. She will be remembered for her life-long commitment to community health, her grace, and her inspiring teaching. Dr. Jane Baird served as a preceptor for numerous cohorts of ICHS’ Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP) and Family Medicine residents, leaving an indelible mark on ICHS patients’ lives, staff lives, and the future generation of health leaders in our community.

Dr. Baird earned her MD and MPH from the University of Washington. Following her residency in the UW Family Practice program, she joined Puget Sound Neighborhood Health Centers (now known as Neighborcare Health) where she would serve for decades. In 2016, she joined International Community Health Services as a physician and as preceptor at ICHS’ Holly Park and International District clinics until 2019.

Dr. Baird had a passion for social justice, and a passion for serving culturally diverse immigrant and refugee patients that faced barriers to accessing health services. Born in Bogotá Colombia, she grew up traveling with her parents and two older brothers and lived in multiple countries across the world. Meeting people of all walks of life left a deep impression upon her and her passion for community health.

Colleagues and family recall how much she loved being a physician, and how she especially enjoyed serving the “whole family” - parents, children, grandparents all at one clinic. She found incredible joy in her work seeing children grow up and thrive.

Shortly after retiring from ICHS, the COVID-19 pandemic struck. Dr. Baird continued to stay in touch with ICHS and joined as a volunteer in 2021 to administer COVID-19 vaccines at ICHS COVID-19 vaccine clinics.

She is survived by her husband Tom Daniel, her two daughters, and her two brothers. She is remembered fondly for her deep and lasting friendships, her love of nature, music, art, hikes, and family.

Rest in peace Dr. Jane Baird.

Beth Weitensteiner, ICHS Medical Director

When Jane joined ICHS we were graced with her generosity of spirit, humility and her wicked sense of humor. Always willing to help without hesitation Jane was someone we never hesitated to ask to give us a hand. I was touched by a Holly Park Provider’s comment when hearing of Jane’s death. 'I didn’t know her at all, but from the notes from others and from the obituary, one can see she was special. It’s people like this that remind us that there is still decency and kindness in this world. And that matters.' Jane mattered to us all. She started a ripple effect in our community and that will continue to live on. Thank you Jane.

Beth Weitensteiner, ICHS Medical Director

From FengMay Lin, ICHS Clinic Support Supervisor 

“Jane was one of my favorite providers to work with and to refer patients to. She was intelligent, caring and understanding. I still remember in one of the mass vaccine clinics, Jane came to sit back to back with me and we talked about family, work, and the challenges we faced during COVID throughout our entire lunch. We turned our heads to look at each other from time to time. I was hoping to see her again and catch up with her. She was a great friend of ICHS. We will miss her.”

From Anh H. Ta, ICHS Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner

“It saddened my heart to hear about this news. I am lucky to have had Jane as one of my preceptors during my residency. Jane was an amazing human being, a wonderful teacher, and a knowledgeable preceptor who always motivated me to be the very best provider I could. I still cannot believe that Jane has gone. She will be missed dearly and I will cherish all memories that we had shared together.”

From Rebecca Calderara, ICHS Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner

“On the first day of the ICHS ARNP residency Dr. Baird gave us the advice to ‘stay curious and be kind.’ She embodied these qualities. In a profession filled with very smart people, she stood out by her unwavering kindness. Grateful to have had Jane as a preceptor, she was one of those teachers that inspires you and impacts you for a lifetime.”

From May Young, ICHS Medical Assistant

“I didn’t get the pleasure of working with Dr. Baird very much since she was mostly locum by the time I started at ICHS, but the few times I did work with her were my favorite! She had a gentle, comforting nature to her and I always felt so at ease around her presence. I’ll miss that sweet smile she always had on her face.”

Tram Le, ICHS Holly Park Health Center Manager

I know Jane when she joined the Holly Park family as locum providers and since then she continues to provide so much support to other activities that we had. Her calm smile and positive personality had cheered us up throughout the COVID Vaccine Clinic day. Holly Park Family will never forget the time and memories we had with you. You will be forever in our heart.

Tram Le, ICHS Holly Park Health Center Manager

From Hieu Pham, ICHS Family Physician and Family Medicine Residency Director

“Jane was an invested preceptor, always having the resident's interests at hand and was such a joy to work with. She provided succinct teaching balancing both the evidence-based care in medicine in a patient-centered approach.”

From Scott Sato, Deputy Director ICHS ARNP Residency, ICHS PA-C

“Jane brought a wealth of knowledge to the ARNP program. She precepted 3 of our classes starting in 2016 and was voted best preceptor in 2019. She was kind, encouraging and not only taught clinical medicine to the residents, but also how to enjoy life doing it. I personally will remember her dry sense of humor that made working with her all the more enjoyable. I've spoken with alumni from the program who all had been precepted by her and we are all heartbroken.”

From Nguyet Vo, ICHS Patient Services Representative/Medical Records Supervisor

Dr. Baird had a tremendous impact on all who got to know her. We will miss her wonderful personality and smile.”

From Jennifer Abrams, ICHS Physician

“Jane was a mentor and a friend. She always brought her wit, balanced perspective, calm demeanor, and humor to every shift. I always appreciated having her in our pod and her absence was truly felt when she stopped precepting and seeing patients at Holly Park. I loved hearing about the ways she found balance in her life, through her music, garden, friends, and family. Her passion for our patients was always clear and I know she had a positive impact on all she cared for. I'm grateful for the time we worked together, and I can't believe she's gone. I hope her family knows what a gifted physician she was and how many lives she touched through her work. We will miss her!”


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