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Effective May 1, 2024, masks are recommended at all ICHS clinics and sites. ICHS is a health care facility. Please keep yourself and others safe.

Become a Health Care Advocate

Become a Health Care Advocate


We believe all individuals and families deserve quality, affordable health care, regardless of their nation of birth, culture, language, religion, age, income, gender, sexual orientation, abilities or where they live. All people in the United States deserve the security of health information privacy, to be cared for with dignity and respect, and to be assured health care services as a human right.

We encourage you to join us in advocating for our communities, families, patients and others who need affordable quality care. Thank you for being our ally.

Support Community Health Center Funding

The National Association of Community Health Centers explains more about the impacts of the American Rescue Plan.

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Public Charge

“Public charge” is a test used by immigration officials to determine if an individual is likely to become primarily dependent on the government for support in the future.

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Hepatitis B Coalition of Washington

The Hepatitis B Coalition of Washington (HBCW) envisions a Washington state free of new hepatitis B infections, where all people know their HBV status, all HBV care provided is culturally competent, and HBV outcomes are equitable and disparities have been reduced.

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Make Your Vote Count

Through voting, we have power to create real change.

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