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ICHS statement on anti-Asian hate

ICHS statement on anti-Asian hate

March 25, 2021

On March 25, 2021, International Community Health Services (ICHS) released the following statement on anti-Asian racism. ICHS denounces the increased violence targeting Asians and Asian Americans and recognize that the killings on March 16 in Atlanta of six Asian American women working to support their families or themselves are the most extreme example of anti-Asian hate, a continuation and expansion of racist actions against Black, Native and Latinx peoples. Our legacy obliges us to keep fighting for social justice, challenging racism and championing health equity.

Excerpts from the statement:

International Community Health Services (ICHS) condemns racism and discrimination in all forms upon all marginalized communities. ICHS particularly denounces the increased violence targeting Asians and Asian Americans.

Racism is a public health crisis. Improving health outcomes requires addressing structural barriers and circumstances that harm our patients and communities. We must continue to work collectively for human and civil rights, examine our own racial biases and privileges, and extend our support to members of our community who no longer feel safe. As a health care organization, we must continue to live, defend, and grow our vision and mission.


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