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Effective May 1, 2024, masks are recommended at all ICHS clinics and sites. ICHS is a health care facility. Please keep yourself and others safe.

National Health Center Week 2019: Rooted in communities

National Health Center Week 2019: Rooted in communities

August 8, 2019

International Community Health Services (ICHS) celebrated National Health Center Week from Aug. 4-10. This year’s theme was “Rooted in Communities,” as part of a nationwide campaign highlighting health centers’ success helping people and communities stay healthy and thrive.

We celebrated with our patients, partners and community members at each of our four full-service clinic locations in Seattle, Bellevue and Shoreline.


National Health Center Week 2019

As well as with employee appreciation events.


National Health Center Week 2019, Shoreline Clinic

The Bellevue Clinic also hosted a tree-planting and clothing drive that resulted in more than 200 winter clothing items being donated to the Children’s Hospital Bargain Boutique and Acres of Diamonds.


National Health Center Week 2019, Bellevue Clinic

Thank you to all who made this year’s National Health Center Week a success! Click here to see more photos.


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