Asqual Getaneh

Asqual Getanek, medical director and physician, ICHS International District ClinicLocation:

International District


English, Amharic, Spanish

Medical Degree:



University of Washington


Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York City



Why I Work at ICHS:

Because of its vision of healthier people, thriving families, empowered communities and a just society. I work at ICHS because of its commitment to its employees and because the people who work there are committed to service.

Patient Care Philosophy:

An individual’s health and health concerns are partly expressions of the individual’s unique life journey, sociocultural environment and genetic influences. A critical step in the effective delivery of quality health care is the narrative exchange between patient and clinician to understand, temper and/or harness these influences.

Interesting Note About Myself:

The highlight of my travels thus far is hiking the glaciers of Patagonia in Chile.