Lisa Chan

Lisa Chan, ICHS Physican. Seattle-International DistrictLOCATION:

International District


English, Cantonese, Toisanese




Pennsylvania State University

Why I Work at ICHS:

The vibrant neighborhood, passionate staff, and diverse patients drew me to ICHS. I’m excited to work in a clinic that is so active and engaged in the community it serves.

Patient Care Philosophy:

My philosophy and goal is to provide compassionate, patient-centered care.

Interesting Note About Myself:

I love to go hiking and try new foods. I also have a cat who does tricks.

I’m a native of Salt Lake City, and I grew up speaking Toisanese and some Cantonese at home. I studied chemistry and Chinese language & literature as an undergrad at the University of Utah. After working for two years as a lab technician and nurse aide, I moved out east to attend Penn State University for medical school where I became involved in various organizations including a student-run free clinic, geriatric interest group, and mentoring program for at-risk youth. In my free time, I like to draw, paint, run, hike, and dabble in rock climbing. I also have a dog trapped inside a cat’s body named Toby whom I have trained to do various tricks.